Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

If the extent and severity of the tooth decay or the damage of the tooth is so great that it causes intense pain, it might be necessary to perform a root canal treatment.

In the course of the treatment we clean and disinfect the internal cavity system of the root and stop the bacteria from getting into the cavity system by filling in the root.

The proper restoration of root canal treated teeth is very important (as there is a danger of fractures). In practice this usually means that it needs to be strengthen with a pin and a crown.

My old incisor that had a root canal treatment fractured.
How can you help me?
Is the treatment painful?
If the root filling is necessary (an x-ray will determine this), then following the introduction of a pin, the tooth can be built up and a temporary crown is put in. The permanent crown will be ready by the next session of the treatment. We always do our best to achieve the perfect anaesthesia. Sometimes this is really hard to achieve (especially when dealing with molars) but with the administration of more anaesthetics or using special anaesthetic techniques we can achieve the desired pain relief.
Pain is unacceptable, but a slight feeling of discomfort is possible during the root canal treatment.