Removable dental prosthesis

In the case where the number of the remaining teeth is not enough for the preparation of a fixed prosthesis, there is need for a partial or complete (full) denture. By using a removable prosthesis we can replace the missing teeth and at the same time we can restore the receded gums and bone in the area of the removed teeth.
have lost all of my teeth but I wouldn’t like to have a removable denture.
What options do I have?
My molars are missing. I only have incisors and canines.
What solution would you suggest?
In this case the necessary number of implants is inserted, it might even be possible to have a fixed prosthesis, but in most of the cases the best solution is a removable prosthesis fixed by implants. The reason for this is that with the help of a removable denture we can perfectly support the sunken in lips, which is a result of the missing teeth and the receded supporting tissue. The dentist strives not only to replace the missing teeth but also to restore the harmony and beauty of the face. If we insert implants, the extent and size of the removable dental prosthesis can be significantly decreased (e.g., there is no need to cover the palate (roof of the mouth). If the insert of implants is not possible then it is recommended that we make a so-called combined (partial) dental prosthesis. In this case we fix crowns on the remaining teeth and the missing molars are replaced by a removable part. The removable replacement is linked to the fixed part by a hidden fixing element (which can not be seen from the outside). These types of dental prostheses provide a good fixture for the removable part and getting used to them is usually not a problem.