A bridge is a fixed dental device that is used for the substitution of missing teeth.
In preparation we need to polish the teeth that are neighbouring the area of the missing tooth/teeth. We then fix the bridge by cementing it to the prepared pillar teeth. The material that the bridge can be made of is usually metal-ceramics or zirconium-ceramics (metal-free). During the planning phase of the bridge we always have to take into consideration the load bearing capacity of the pillar teeth. If there are not enough pillar teeth available to support a dental prosthesis, there might be a need to use implants. Híd készítés folyamata
How long does it take until the bridge procedure is complete? Is the substitution of the missing teeth necessary?
Depending on the size, the time necessary for the preparation of the bridge, it is between 5-10 days and usually you have to appear three times at the dentist’s consulting room. During the first session we prepare the teeth, take an imprint and fit the temporary crowns using a bonding material. In the second session, we perform the probe of the bridge and we choose the colour of the teeth. During the third session the dentist fixes the bridge using a bonding material. In most cases this is recommended, since the teeth that border the missing tooth’s place can collapse into the place of the missing teeth and the teeth opposite can also change position.